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Whine Club

Welcome to Whine Club,
Also known as Whiners Anonymous,
Or officially as Support Group.
The first rule of Whine Club is:
You do not talk about Whine Club.
Even if you’re trying to explain your feelings,
Or explain why you can’t stay late for work,
You do not talk about Whine Club.

Now that formalities are out of the way,
Here’s an introduction to what we do:
We sit in a circle and talk about our issues.
Society thinks that we do that anyway
So we may as well adhere to the stereotype.
Oh, your parents don’t understand you
And your friends make fun of you?
Then you’ll just fit right in.

We lay out our problems in glasses
For each other to sample, swill and spit;
Spit out advice, spit out sympathy,
Maybe even with a little hint of empathy.
Sometimes the tones are familiar
But never exactly like your own.
Not one of them take you for any less
Than a ride aboard a cyclone.

We learn to pick apart flavours
And deal with them separately.
Monsters are never as terrifying
After you’ve decapitated them.
Unless the monster is a hydra,
Then you need a friend for help
To seal off the wounds with fire
So the heads can no longer grow.

We remind each other that we are beautiful
And we never need to be whole to prove it
Food tends to taste better with a bit of salt
And so does what others say of us.
Take romanticisation in stride.
You never need to be irreparably broken either.
Do not confine yourself to either configuration
You’re a person, not a state of matter.

We know that nothing matters but to each other,
So when we get the message that one of us is gone,
The air in the room doesn’t taste the same.
Suddenly, one of the flavours is missing.
Suddenly, it feels like someone cut off our heads
But everything also feels like nothing but pain.
We always said we would win this war together,
But triumph isn’t the same when there are fatalities.

Welcome to Whine Club,
We’re happy to have you here.
Check your name tags at the door
And take your baggage in with you.
It doesn’t matter what you’re called
When we see ourselves in each other.
We’re all here to fight our demons
So pick up your sword and stand with us.

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