Update on Unnamed Story #001

In my post How-to: Consistent Blogging, I said that one of my goals for blogging was to have enough pre-planned posts to give me a bit more leeway to focus on the story I’m writing. I haven’t reached my goal of having 2-3 months worth of posts in advance but I couldn’t wait any longer. I was already part of the way through the character bios of two of the main characters so I figured that I’d just jump back to writing. Here’s an update on that endeavour.

I stopped writing Unnamed Story #001 when I hit a little more than 27k words. As a first draft, it was almost complete. The main story points were already there. It just needed a few more chapters between the main story points, as well as a bit of padding out. My first drafts usually don’t look too different from:

Ben turned around. He saw Kate looking at him. He walked towards her. He smiled. She smiled back at him.

I’m exaggerating, but honestly, it’s not that much of an exaggeration.

I’ve already covered this in my post My NaNoWriMo Experience. I’ll repeat it in case you don’t feel like reading that. Basically, I didn’t complete my first draft because I didn’t see a point in finishing. I decided to make a lot of changes to the story so I would have cut most of it anyway.
Here’s my rewriting process so far:
  1. Reread my first draft multiple times
  2. Replan the plot
  3. Look for scenes that I want to have in the second draft
  4. Open multiple Word documents and name them by chapter
  5. Copy the old scenes into the Word documents and rewrite as I see fit (I do this chronologically)
  6. Read through the Frankensteined chapters and edit as much as it takes to get it barely cohesive
  7. Rewrite the description of scenes based on the results of chapter 6


At the point of writing this post, I had just finished putting together chapters 1-10 and 12. I needed to rewrite chapter 11 almost completely because I cut out a large chunk of what used to be there. I didn’t want to follow chapter 10 immediately with chapter 12. Both chapters are rather dialogue-heavy. Chapter 11 is less dialogue-heavy and more introspective for the main character. I wanted chapter 11 to be a more relaxing chapter because the plot reaches the climax very soon after chapter 12

 I still need to complete the character bios of all of the characters. I find it boring, but I have to do it. I don’t want to make the same mistakes that I did in the first draft. I’m planning to post another update when I’m done with that. If you’re interested, I’m using the Character Chart for Fiction Writers by Kira Lerner and Toni Walker.

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