Month: March 2017

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Everyday Heroes in Fiction and their Real-life Counterparts

SPOILER WARNING: This article may contain spoilers from The Book Thief, Fullmetal Alchemist, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April), How to Get Away with Murder, and Stardew Valley. If you are avoiding spoilers for any of them, I highly suggest that you finish reading, watching, or playing them before reading this article.    …


“Write About What You Know”

“Write about what you know” is one of those pieces of advice that is pretty solid and logical. There are a lot of people who do fairly well writing about what they’re familiar with. That’s perfectly fine. I just can’t follow this advice myself for one very simple reason — I don’t know much. I …

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Imagining History through Fiction – The Help (Film)

As a person so far detached from the history and culture of the United States of America, it is difficult for me to even fathom what it’s like to live as an America, especially as a Black American in the 1960s. I don’t think I’d be able to fully understand even if I were to …


Transitioning from Academic Writing to Creative Writing

As far as I can remember, I have never taken a creative writing class. Sure, I learnt how to do the basics like… paragraphing… but my background for writing is strictly academic. That doesn’t make me an expert in academic writing. It’s just the form that I’ve been educated in and trained to churn out …


Creative Nostalgia

Talking about my past accomplishments is a strange experience for me because I keep wondering if the people I’m talking to ever think that I’m a has-been because I haven’t accomplished anything recent. Yet, I do it anyway because it’s comforting to remind myself that I was “great” at some point in my life. For one, I was never …


In This Age of Globalisation, You Do Not Fix Broken Things

In this age of globalisation You do not fix broken things. Such efforts waste resources And affects efficiency. Time is money. In this age of globalisation You do not fix broken things. Despite the beauty that gleams Off the surface of the shard, Leave it. In this age of globalisation You do not fix broken …


Obligatory First Post: On the Crippling Fear of Having to Choose

I’ve wanted to be a writer for some time now. I’ve published a short story on Wattpad. It’s gone now because I thought that it wasn’t good enough to “waste someone’s time with”. During NaNoWriMo 2016, I got to about halfway through a manuscript. Now, that’s on the back burner because it turned out to be nothing like how I envisioned it in my head. I don’t want to be afraid of doing things that I’m passionate about anymore. I’m hoping that I can learn how to drop my perfectionistic tendencies through consistently putting my work out there on the internet.